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what i plan to do with this Coin

  1. Exchange for VIT
  2. Make it stakable

Exchange for VIT
for 1 vit transfer to this account you will receive "N" PIMP coin
how do i calculate the PIMP you receive :

  • making the average between the lowest purchase and sale offer on steem-engine.com

Buy Orders 0.00047000 Steem/Vit
Sell Orders 0.00099000 Steem/Vit
My price 0.00073 Steem/Vit = 0.144 PIMP

leave a comment if you have questions
or Joins us on https://discord.gg/XgCYDWr and speec about other coins on steem blockchsin

in steem market i see this
315500 VIT ask 0.00099 x Steem price = 312 Steem
convert to PIMP = 4606.3 x 0.5 = 230.315 Steem
315500 Vit = 4606.3 PIMP (1 VITP = 0.00073 Steem & 1 PIMP = 0.05 Steem)

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