NAKED in the Snow 2020-03-27 picture-0003

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NAKED in the Snow 2020-03-27 picture-0003

NAKED in the Snow 2020-03-27 picture-0003A.jpg

Same picture different angle

NAKED in the Snow 2020-03-27 picture-0003B.jpg

Just an other picture from when I ran out into the snow to get naked... because I'm a pervert and apparently crazy, actually the fresh air was kind of nice.
The pictures are actually some frames from video clips that I took quickly when both my camera and phone were running out of power... an other picture, that a version of it was also posted to SnapChat was also taken at this time.
Here is an alternate version of it...

NAKED in the Snow 2020-03-27 extra picture.jpg

Anyway, hopefully I'll post some more pictures again sometime soon, and hopefully these have been enjoyed.

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Cool pics Joey:)


hehehe... like a real bear in the snow... like it :)

I'll have to make sure I get to the woods more often, I should take some more pictures before the snow is gone.

This comment is just a test...

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